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You got to be kidding me!

Remember, ANY “vehicle” is good enough to get you popped for a DUI in Maryland; yes that includes lawn mowers, horses or anything else that is capable of moving people. Here are a few worthwhile concepts to bear in mind before you go out drinking and utilize your horse or lawn mower as transportation.

Definition of Drive (Transportation 11-114)
Drive means to driver, operate, move or be in actual physical control of a vehicle, including the exercise of control over the steering of a vehicle being towed by a motor vehicle. This means you do not have to be “driving” to be arrested for DUI. Simply being in or about your car could be enough to get you trouble. If you’re sleeping one off in your car don’t sit in the driver’s seat, because if you do, the chance of being construed to be “in control” is increased.”

Driving while under the influence or impaired. (Trans. 21-902)
In brief, a person may not drive or attempt to drive “any vehicle” while under the influence. Under the influence means under .08 and over .08. It means anything two drinks or more and you can be arrested for this offense. .08 is NOT the magjc number so do not rely on that.

Definition of Vehicle. Trans. 11-176 Here’s the fun part:
Vehicle means any device in, on or by which any individual or property is or might be transported or towed on a highway. This does not include an electric wheelchair. This does however include lawn mowers, horses, mules, spouses (kidding), and the like.

I actually got a call from a guy in southern Maryland that got popped for riding his lawn mower. I so wanted to defend him in Court but alas it was too far away and too high of a cost.

Anyway, this holiday season, remember, they are out there and can get you for driving at any alcohol limit they want, no matter how minor, and any vehicle, gizmo or animal they want.