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Do the cops have to read me my Miranda Rights in Maryland after a DUI stop?

This is a common question that we get at Bruce Robinson and Associates, Maryland’s DUI Law Firm. Lawyer T.V. shows tend to portray lawyers as having a glamorous job they misrepresent a few things about lawyers and the law. It works the same way with medical dramas. After a few episodes of E.R. I feel like I can diagnose any disease.

Often people have assumptions about the law because they saw something on T.V. Most people who haven’t been living under a rock believe that the police have a legal obligation to read you your rights during an arrest. This can be correct depending on the type of case but it is also misleading. The origination of these rights stems from a landmark criminal case known as Miranda v. Arizona which involved kidnapping and armed robbery, among other crimes perpetuated by a laborer that was in and out of trouble his whole life. It had to do with a coerced confession without counsel- of defendant Ernesto Miranda.