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Picking the right DUI Lawyer after Arrest

These are difficult economic times; because of that fact many people are out of work as companies lay off and down size. Law firms and lawyers are not immune from the economic downtown caused by too many ridiculous wars that we should not be in, crashing realestate values, greedy wall street investors who don’t give a damn about anything, president Bush endless spending and the like.

As for lawyers, many of the commercial, realestate, transactional, and domestic guys have felt the economic crunch and determined that they need to practice in other areas in order to keep the lights on. This national transition of lawyers into the field of DUI defense comes at a price to weary DUI Defendants. That is, there are too many DUI advertisers on line these days and unless a DUI Defendant takes the time to really research who the top dogs in the field are, they can end up hiring the wrong DUI lawyer resulting in long lasting negative consequences to them and their family.

At Bruce Robinson & Associates (, we are inundated by calls and queries on a weekly basis seeking quality DUI representation. We are privileged to represent the best of the best, starting at the White House in Washington DC and going down through the covert Federal Agencies, Federal Judge’s kids, other lawyers and judges, doctors, etc. The unpleasant part is when clients routinely call us having gotten bad and incorrect advice from another lawyer. Flat out wrong advice on how to handle their case. We then have to fix the advice, turn the client’s mind set around and work back up from there. The other concern is while we patch up a lot of crappy advice, what about all the other DUI Defendants who hire the first lawyer they speak with that charges a fraction of what should be charged and send clients down the river with no paddle because the lawyer has little idea what they are doing.

I want to advise folks that are charged with this serious offense, to take the time to do thorough research on the lawyer or firm that you are considering. Keep in mind that a DUI law firm with more then one lawyer is one indicator that the firm knows what it’s doing. Having more then one lawyer is a great idea because if that one lawyer gets tied up, you and your case have a problem.

Also consider how long the firm has been providing actual DUI defense and what is their level of expertise. Actual “DUI defense” is important because some lawyers may have been practicing for 25 years, but only picked up DUI defense last year when economic times got tough in domestic work. Another effective way to determine the success of the firm is, who has utilized the firm’s service in the past. A high level clientele gives great insight to the firm’s lawyers because such people have excellent research capabilities and contacts in the field and therefore know who to retain to provide DUI defense.

In other words, “Caveat Emptor” (buyer beware), take the time to do the necessary research and read through all those darn ads, determine who is truly authentic and then come on in and see us, we will not steer you wrong.