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Out of control Police..again

In Ferguson, Missouri, there is a tragedy following a police shooting. Michael Brown is shot to death while walking down the street. Evidently the police told him to get out of the street and Brown thought better of that. There was a confrontation with the police officer which escalated and the officer felt that he needed to reach for his service weapon and moments later a black man lay dead in the street. This gives new meaning to “driving black in America”. Now “walking black in America” is a life threatening issue as well.

Not saying that Michael Brown was a good person mind you; he was an imposing young man who moments earlier evidently stole something from a local merchant. When confronted by the merchant, Brown pushed the merchant out of the way and exited the store. The cop was unaware of that situation at the time of the shooting.

The larger issue is white officer on black defendant and the use of deadly force and the next bigger issue is law enforcement and the court’s continual erosion of our Constitutional rights. Now this officer should have been trained in when and how to use deadly force, I am sure that would not include when a large black male refuses to get out of the street, or even if an altercation ensued, that is not license to use deadly force, even if the kid is going to kick your a…. all over the street. That’s when you need to call your partners in blue.
Also, don’t the cops out that way have tasers?

My concern however is not the specifics of this particular case. I am more concerned with law enforcement and the high court’s continued erosion of the people’s protections against the system, against state authority. In this case, an unarmed shooting, but in other cases, like DUI checkpoints for example the police can stop cars for no reason. Recently, in Navarette v. California, the United States Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision made matters dramatically worse.

The Court said it is now perfectly acceptable for the police to stop a car on the word of an anonymous “unproven” tip that claims they saw a motor vehicle violation, in this case, reckless driving. So if somebody calls the police and says “I saw that yellow car swerving”, the cops can now stop that yellow car without having to witness the violation themselves. This is a big issue considering the fact that ever since we began driving cars the word of an anonymous party was not enough to over come our right to privacy in this country; unless the tip was corroborated or found to be reliable. The word of an anonymous tipster was not enough for a stop. Now the high court has thought better of that long standing precedent and decided to allow law enforcement to stop a vehicle on anybody’s tip. This is a ludicrous leap from any reading of law, this decision is not just an erosion of your Constitutional rights, this a complete eradication of your privacy rights in this country.

Many Americans don’t lift an eyebrow when this type of crap is decided, thinking to themselves that it doesn’t effect them, they have nothing to hide, they don’t drink and drive etc., but just like in Nazi Germany, when you turn your back on what appears to be a small erosion of rights or an issue that doesn’t effect you, the next think you know, defenseless people are being shot in the street at point blank range. At that point in time one begins to realize that even the small loss of liberty effects us all, but by then, it is too late to do anything.

Welcome to the new world order. It’s not a matter of being Black in America, it’s now a matter of being a citizen in America. But then again, who really cares…