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Maryland Marijuana Legalization

The eyes of the nation are slowly opening and looking kindly upon the legalization of Marijuana thanks to people such as Dr. Gupta of CNN News and Houston’s Police Chief Charles McClelland. Dr. Gupta has been a trusted and ubiquitous voice in medical affairs for many years now. His initial position was against the legalization of marijuana but after further careful study his views have changed. His view is shared by the enlightened public and many of those that do not have a financial interest in the outcome of this debate. Increasing numbers of law enforcement can also be heard to echo the same sentiment. In this case, Houston’s own top cop.

How in the world could law enforcement adopt such a liberal and dubious position? It’s easy, not only is it the right, correct, and equitable thing to do but it also saves tremendous financial resources among the states and the nation. Since marijuana became the target of law enforcement decades ago, millions of dollars across the nation have been wasted in the pursuit, arrest and incarceration of users and sellers alike.

Interestingly, it is becoming apparent in the medical community that not only does marijuana possess health benefits to many sick individuals it is also a victimless substance for recreational use. As for the medical uses, naturally big pharma will throw its considerable financial weight around in order to deny people this inexpensive drug in lieu of expensive pharmaceuticals; they have been successful up to this point in time. Happily as a result of Dr. Gupta and other medical expert’s opinions in this field, big Pharma is in the process of losing this battle. One which they will no doubt ultimately yield on while they move on to their next profit making market.

Having recognized their dwindling interest in this area we now move on to the more logical law enforcement perspective…

law enforcement has been under the gun to arrest charge and house those convicted of marijuana laws throughout the nation. However, a closer review of marijuana will show that it is less dangerous than the prolific use of alcohol. Since the end of prohibition alcohol has been an important commodity in this country while at the same time generating significant amounts of tax revenue. Marijuana of course will be the same way once it becomes legalized throughout the country.

Perhaps the most substantial benefit of legalization of marijuana is not only the tax revenue base but the financial savings in arresting charging and housing people convicted under Maryland’s and the nation’s marijuana laws. At this juncture it has been decriminalized in Maryland under 10 grams and in the future it will be fully legalized in appropriate amounts. Countless millions of dollars will be saved throughout the country as this important realization comes to fruition. Finally, there are the drug wars in Latin America over the importation of illegal marijuana into this country. This is a whole other source of revenue and expense that will go away for this country as we legalize the growth and distribution of this product.

Having said that, Maryland and the other states in the union will come up with laws to enforce regarding impaired driving under marijuana and other forms of mind altering substances. This will probably involve either a urine test or a blood test when a person tests .00 blood-alcohol yet is still demonstrating signs of impairment. So while the government ultimately decriminalizes and ultimately legalizes the use of this substance it will continue to be monitored for impairment purposes while operating vehicles on the nation’s roads and Maryland’s drivers should bear that in mind.