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I smell dope in the nations capital

This week Marijuana becomes legal in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., kinda.

A person is allowed to grow up to three plants in their house and they are allowed to smoke Marijuana in their house- not on the street. Unlike liberal and intelligent Colorado, D.C. residents will not be able to go on the street and legally purchase grass fro licensed stores; rather they are allowed to have a small amount for personal use which can be imbibed in the privacy and comfort of their own home. This is why folks are allowed to have up to three mature plants in the home- since they cannot legally buy it.

No everybody is a fan of the new law. Congress is not happy with the new law that is now effective as a public referendum. Evidently Congress is threatening to take whatever measures they can to eliminate the nefarious evils promulgated by the wacky green weed, but since Congress is completely unable to pass any meaningful and useful legislation it would be a stretch to think they could 1) find the time to put their mind to such meaningless legislation and 2) be able to find a consensus between the parties since they cannot remotely agree on anything else, such as say, funding for Homeland Security and other meaningful and necessary government programs. They are more or less useless in every dimension and will remain such until the next election.

I suppose it is lost on Congress that if marijuana is legalized, as it increasingly will be among the states, the police don’t have to waste their limited time with such irrelevant matters, money and time will be saved. Who knows, perhaps a small bite of revenue can actually be removed from the cartels and other providers to the South if there is less of a demand for their product. If that is not enough, perhaps they should take a second look at considering the tax revenues that Colorado and its fellow states have been raising as result of legalization. It strikes me as being a no-brainer but Congress demonstrates again and again they have little interest in doing what’s in the best interest of the people. They are only capable of fighting amongst themselves and with the president.

Having recognized the reality of Washington D.C., Maryland continues to move in a reasonable direction but without substantial advancement in 2015. Governor Hogan has just taken office along with a number of new representatives. There may not be time or inclination in 2015 to advance Maryland’s position on this issue but surely within 1 or 2 years as Maryland State Government looks for new ways to find tax revenue, this important and easy issue will be revisited. Until then, the possession of under 10 grams of pot is decriminalized; meaning if the cops bother with you at all, it will be a civil fine. Additionally, legislation has been proposed to allow for the expungement of criminal records for the offenses of possession of Marijuana. Another interesting and creative way to make a small amount of revenue as there would be charge for this service.