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Foregiveness and related matters


Lance Armstrong admitted to doping this week on the Opra show. This admission comes years and years after steadfast denials of any doping during his superhuman cycling victories. In fact, he would excoriate his team members, acquaintances or anybody that indicated publicly that he had in fact doped. Unfortunately for the mighty Lance Armstrong the Federal Government got involved and had he lied under oath, he would have found himself in jail. Apparently, Lance got some good legal advice with the millions upon millions of dollars that he swindled the United States Post office and other sponsors out of and he decided on a new tactic, the truth. At this juncture there will be countless lawsuits and probably a bankruptcy thereafter.

Should Lance be granted forgiveness like many before him who have “come clean” after falling prey to human infirmity? I don’t think so. Lance had absolutely no desire or willingness to come clean at any point, it was only after the Federal Government got involved and he faced the unenviable specter of having to testify under penalty of perjury that he realized he was going to have to admit or go to jail. It was then that he elected the lesser of two evils and decided to admit his wrong doing nearly a decade after his indiscretions and vehement denials.

Conversely, in the local paper this week Maryland has its own star of sorts, DUI defendant and delegate Don Dwyer back in the public eye. Mr. Dwyer was all to eager to come forward while still in the hospital after crashing his boat into another boat on the Magothy River in Maryland. In doing so, he injured four children who were enjoying their afternoon boating with their grandfather. Mr. Dwyer jumped on this early opportunity to tell the public that he had a severely elevated BAC and that he was sorry for this egregious transgression.

Recently Mr. Dwyer told the Maryland Gazette that the media sensationalized the boating accident story. While telling the public that the press sensationalized the story where he was nearly 3 times the legal limit and struck and injured children, he actually had the nerve to say that his abject failure on the gay marriage bill contributed to his drinking on that day; that along with his estrangement from his wife. Gee, who in a million years would ever think that his wife would leave him? He seems like such a normal guy. . .

It appears that the good delegate desires to preserve his seat in Government. It seems he desires to get there through contrition. News flash Mr. Dwyer, the gay marriage has passed, it is law. If you were so concerned about the gay marriage bill, perhaps you should have tended more to the bill and less to drinking to excess and crashing your boat (how is that even possible on a river the size of the Magothy) and injuring four children who could easily have been killed. Using the gay marriage legislation as an excuse for your extremely poor judgment and brain dead behavior strikes me as being worse than the underlying act.

Mr. Dwyer will have to appear in Court to answer for his heinous behavior. Interestingly, a growing number of jurists that sit on the bench in Maryland are gay. I wonder how his ignorant antics will play out should he find himself in front of such a judge. God knows he could learn a thing or two about creating enemies every step he takes, but then again he is (was) a politician.

As a result of the August 22 crash and resulting injuries to children, Mr. Dwyer belongs in jail. Just recently in Anne Arundel County a DUI driver was sentenced to 10 years in jail, the maximum for killing another driving while intoxicated at .13. Mr. Dwyer’s case is no better, and he should go to jail for a long time. I can’t think of a disposition of this matter that does not include incarceration. After getting out of jail, if he is re-elected then the citizens of Maryland will get what they deserve.

Let’s hope that does not happen.