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DUI Super Cops & non existent quotas

Ask any cop and they will tell you, “quotas, no way! We don’t have ’em and we don’t use em”. However, certain cops seem to have an unusually high arrest record for alleged DUI offenders.

There are recent cases out of Florida and now Illinois with cops making up evidence in order to arrest innocent people and charge them with Drunk Driving. In fact, an officer in Illinois was recently sued by a citizen that was arrested and charged with DUI as he left an establishment and prior to driving his car. He was given field sobriety tests at the station and they were inconclusive. He sued and the cop was suspended for a day and subsequently placed on a desk. Many of the cops cases were dismissed.

I have defended persons charged with DUI after having blown a .04 and in one instance a .02! The .02 was quickly dropped in court and then changed to a drugged driving charge (with no evidence whatsoever) and then subsequently dropped all together in a subsequent court appearance.

Ask a Cop, there are no quotas for DUI arrests, but the overwhelmingly aggressive attitudes towards citizen drivers says otherwise, especially when it comes to BAC numbers less than .07. The law may say the legal limit is .08 but I can surely attest to the fact that the police utilize a zero tolerance policy and arrest on any number and let the court and the lawyers sort the details out later after the arrest, embarrassment and all the attendant circumstances. After all, while your number maybe low- but after attempting field sobriety tests on the side of the road, under close “objective” police scrutiny, there will plenty of evidence with which to attempt to convict you.

Bear that in mind next time you have a drink with dinner and think you are OK to drive. Remember, there is no legal obligation to perform roadside agility exercises and if you do, you perform at your own peril, under dubious circumstances, before a biased audience.