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Howard County is but one of 24 counties in Maryland in which one can be charged with DUI. For those that are interested, Howard County was founded in 1838 and today has many redeeming qualities. In 2006 it was ranked the third wealthiest county by median household income by the U.S. Census Bureau and Howard County’s own Columbia and Ellicott City were recognized as the fourth “best places to live” by Money Magazine. The public school system in Howard County is continually recognized to be among the best in the Country. Consequently, Howard County is in fact a very pleasant place to live and raise a family, but what about if you are charged with DUI/DWI in Howard County?

After practicing DUI law for 17 years throughout all Maryland counties, including Howard County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Prince Georges, Montgomery, Carroll County, Harford, Queen Anne’s etc., I can safely say that Howard County is definitely at the top of the short list of better places to be charged with a DUI (assuming that you’re going to be charged at all). But why you ask?
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Many states require lawyers to take continuing legal education after graduating from law school and passing the bar, Maryland is not one of them. In Maryland, once you pass the bar you are authorized to say goodbye to school and books forever. As a Maryland lawyer, I feel differently. I have been admitted to practice law in this state since 1992. I have been a DUI lawyer in Maryland since my early years with an ever increasing focus on that area of the law.

What’s interesting is that when the average person hears the words DUI or DWI they might think this area of the law is not as complicated as others or that this is an easy field, they might not understand that this area is a sub-specialty unto itself. The truth of the matter is, the more one gets involved with seriously defending persons charged with DUI and DWI, the more one appreciates that this truly is a specialty of criminal law. That is, there is so much information to stay abreast of regarding the constitutionality of vehicle stops, the reasonableness of pre-arrest investigations, including field sobriety tests, and the legality of post arrest testing, including breath testing and blood testing. Interestingly, both breath testing and blood testing in DUI and alcohol related cases are very expansive in that they spill over into a variety of other sciences.

The breath test machine, as has been discussed in earlier entries, is effected by such things as the suspect’s partition ratio, which the machine takes for granted at 2100:1 and many times is simply wrong, the suspect’s hematocrit level, which the machine does not even take into consideration, the suspect’s breathing pattern which the police are all to happy to help you with, the machine’s built in error rate and on and on. You will recall that the machine essentially operates by taking a breath sample and shining a light through the sample and evaluating how much light comes out the other end of the magic box.