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And the hits keep on coming…

So yesterday it was reported that some former MADD pain in the ass, chapter president out of the sunshine state (Florida) over indulged her (apparently strong) hidden desire for alcohol and was arrested prior to killing someone since it was alledged she was driving her car at a .23. Lets hope she is still in jail right now! Perhaps her brothers and sisters of the MADD organization could be arrested as well for being pompous and unfeeling to those that are affected by this insidious condition and put up a good fight every day.

Anyway, todays news is that the starlight Christina Aguilera was “detained” for being too drunk to care for herself. She apparently was a passenger in a car operated by her boyfriend, Matt Rutler when he was popped for swerving and driving erratically. The funny thing is, Christina was soooo drunk that the police could not even release her following the arrest of her boyfriend (which would be normal procedure) because she was allegedly too drunk to care for herself. Apparently, they set a $250 bail on her, not entirely sure why that was; but I can guess it was because they had to put up with her crap in a jail cell until she slept it off or until somebody came to claim her. I think it would be a perfect opportunity for her to practice the National Anthem.

On a different note, back to Florida, a 36 year old man was arrested for driving a golf cart under the influence !@#$%!. These types of cases are always a little bit weird when you think about them, however, in this case, they guy was not driving the cart on a golf course where you typically find this sanctioned behavior, instead he was spotted driving on a divided highway in central Floriday. Apparently, he was a long way from the course. His BAC was also very elevated at .24, just like that idiot MADD lady. The funny thing is, he actually had a passenger in the cart with him. Unlike Christina above, the passenger was apparently cut lose on the spot and forced to carry his own golf clubs, a fate worse then sleeping it off in jail.