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Do the Police have to read my Miranda Rights after a DUI Arrest in Maryland

Do the cops have to read me my Miranda Rights in Maryland after a DUI stop? This is a common question that we get at Bruce Robinson and Associates, Maryland’s DUI Law Firm. Lawyer T.V. shows tend to portray lawyers as having a glamorous job they misrepresent a few things…


Why a multiple DUI offender needs to hire the best DUI attorney the can.

Reasons why a multiple DUI offender should hire the best DUI attorney they can. Hint: All DUI lawyers are not created equal. Most multiple DUI offenders believe that the judge is going to throw the book at them no matter what they do in preparation for their DUI trial. That…


Can I be charged as a first DUI offender if it has been over 10 years since my last DUI?

Will you be considered a first offender in Maryland if it has been 10 years since your prior DUI conviction or PBJ? Well, it is much like your virginity, once you lose it-you lost it! What do I mean by that? Once you have received a DUI or DWI and received…


Maryland DUI Arrest? Do not give up!

No DUI or criminal case is a slam dunk for the prosecution. Trial work is always fluid and anything can happen when you tell the Judge “Ready for trial.”  Have you ever noticed how many people never say that and just plead cases away? At Bruce Robinson & Associates we…