Stick to crabs and not bread

It is best to stick to crabs and a little beer (if you are going to drink at all) on this holiday and to stay away from bread products: white bread, donuts, pretzels and the like. The reason why is the bread products can get you convicted of a DUI. Research has shown and scientific articles have been written which indicate that the consumption of bread products can actually result in you registering a BAC of up to .05 or more in some cases.

The reason is that there is a fermentation process with white bread and a by-product of fermentation with yeast is alcohol. The resulting alcohol, while in relatively small amounts, can be problematic if a driver has consumed any other alcohol. That is, a .05 from two beers could become a .10 under these circumstances. Additionally, bread that is retained in the mouth between teeth has the additional benefit of absorbing and trapping alcohol that is consumed by the driver. This can have the detrimental effect of registering even a higher number on a breath machine.

Sounds hokey you say? Not so. I have personally tested the EC/IR machine. I have personally placed alcohol in my mouth and eliminated same and later provided a breath sample which was extremely high. This is known as mouth alcohol. The machines are suppose to have mouth alcohol detectors, known as slope detectors for this very reason, but Maryland does not use them. Considering that the consumption of bread can register its very own BAC number and further considering that bread tends to absorb liquid and thereby allow for mouth alcohol, I would bare these important issues in mind if you are asked to provide a breath sample.

For more information on this topic see “Intoxilyzer: A Bread Testing Device?”, 15(4) Drinking/Driving Law Letter 52 (1996).