Ready for Trial Your Honor!

When seeking out a DUI law firm, it is important that you retain a law firm with a DUI team that actually fights for you in Court; by that I mean, lawyers that are not afraid to try your case. If you go to one of these volume places because you received a letter from them in the mail or because they offered to defend you for $750, you are not doing yourself any favors. In fact, you are doing yourself a significant injustice. Why? Because your lawyer has to be ready to tell the Judge “Ready for trial your Honor” and mean it. He has to be taken seriously by the Judge and the Government lawyer.

A few months ago we won an “un-winnable” manslaughter case in Anne Arundel County ( a very difficult and conservative jurisdiction). Everybody, including the prosecutor thought we could not win. We prepared the case in our normal comprehensive fashion and determined we could win. The State was seeking well over a year for our young client in the Maryland Department of Corrections. We were not deterred. Following a two day jury trial, the jury found our client NOT GUILTY in a matter of hours.

More importantly, this week, only days ago, we represented a lovely young lady who was arrested for DUI after going through a red light, T boning another car and blowing a .19 into the police breath machine in Baltimore County. The prosecutor was emboldened by these facts and was not interested in any plea- he wanted jail. We said, “Ready for Trial your honor.”

The case was tried to a Judge and the client was found NOT GUILTY on ALL COUNTS! Not guilty on the DUI counts, negligent driving, going through the red light, all of it, not guilty. Do you believe that a $500 lawyer would be willing to invest the time and energy to prepare and try that case? That client paid a reasonable fee for the services that were provided, and I am sure the client would happily pay 10 times what she paid for the result she got seeing as she is home with her family this Christmas and not in jail.

The two important things that a DUI defendant must bear in mind are: 1. Retain a proper law firm that knows how to fight for you and is not afraid to do so. One with a track record for winning. 2. Be prepared to pay a reasonable rate for the services you seek. If you do not pay adequately for your defense, you will not be defended adequately, it’s plain and simple. You get what you pay for and considering the consequences for DUI/DWI are permanent and multi faceted, you need to make the right decision.