Off DUI Topic: Apple Ipad Court Presentation using Apple TV

Just finished a successful trial in Baltimore City using Ipad/wireless/projector/screen. Case went well- back up plan was very necessary and learned some VERY important lessons for everybody! Here they are:

1. If your Ipad has 3G capability through Verizon or ATT then yes, you can use its hotspot capability as the network tool to create a network with Apple TV and thus demonstrate on a projector or a TV. I used a projector in this particular case. You do not need to have a 3G signal (ie. Internet) in order for this to work apparently.

2. Now, what they don’t tell you is that when your hotspot is turned on and idle (not being used, in sleep mode/suspended) you are drawing data from your plan. I did not know what. Then, to complicate matters, when you suspend your Ipad by pressing the top button to go to lunch or to go home for the day, unless you physically turn off the hotspot switch in settings, you are idle and STILL using data according to the Verizon lady.

Obviously, when you are doing your demonstration you are also using data. So the problem comes in when you leave the hotspot on for the evening and come back the next day (as I did) and then when you are in trial and just about ready to close BOOM, the hotspot can (and did) turn off and say you are out of data- so sorry. It takes significant back and forth to get more data up and running and to get the Ipad back up, so in my trial I was out of luck as far as wireless signal- 5 minutes before GO time.

3. Happily, after reading the cautions to have a back up plan, I had the Ipad dongle adapter with me so I was able to get immediately wired, skip the Apple TV entirely and go with HDMI directly to the projector. The day was saved.

4. I flipped out on Verizon later on that day, after getting my verdict and the young lady explained to me the above noted, that when the darn hotspot is turned on, you ARE drawing data in an idle state, according to her, that means even if the Ipad is suspended. Yikes. She credited my account back and I learned an important lesson, well two lessons. A) Backup plan is required, bring your cables with you, maybe even a backup Ipad. B) Turn OFF the damn hotspot.

5. I’m not sure I love this hotspot idea off the Ipad b/c of the foregoing reasons. It does work but if you don’t have enough data in your account when you go to trial or if you use all your data in trial- the hotspot goes DOWN abruptly when all data is gone. That’s probably not the best way to do this. I promptly ordered an Apple Airport Express which will create it’s own wireless ad-hock network with your Ipad and you won’t have these silly issues at trial. I think that will work much better and I will still bring the Apple adapter and my 30ft HDMI cable to trial just in case.

On a different note, I did an HDMI projector and screen in this case, they were portable and fairly easy to move (especially if you have a young strong associate with you) but I’m not sure I loved the look and feel of the presentation on the screen. For part of the presentation, the screen was angled away from the projector just a bit so the “keystone” appeared to be off and the projected image was tilted unfavorably to the jury. It worked, but was kinda yucky looking, it was tilted. Even when fixed on subsequent presentation (closing), it was better but not as sharp as a flatscreen TV would have been. We have another trial in Baltimore City this coming week so we will try the TV solution and see how that goes.