Howard County DUI – Serious Case -Serious Defense

Luckily the overwhelming majority of DUI cases in Maryland are relatively bland, that is, the driver had a little too much to drink and was stopped by Maryland’s law enforcement for speeding or driving on the shoulder; nobody gets physically hurt. However, occasionally a very serious case comes along which necessitates an extremely high level of defense or the Defendant is going to jail for a very long time.

In this very serious Howard County DUI case, my client mistakenly proceeded the wrong way on the highway and struck a Mac truck head on. The driver of the truck escaped with very minor injuries, however my client was brought back to life at the scene of the accident by the highly skilled Howard County Medics. She was taken to shock trauma where she spent the next month having multiple surgeries and clinging to life from her life threatening injuries including breaking almost every bone in her body. Following a month of Shock Trauma it was off to a rehab facility to learn how to walk.

Unfortunately for this client, her BAC (blood alcohol content) was in the .20 range which is very high. She is a professional and had never been in trouble with the law before. She retained Robinson & Associates to provide her defense in this very serious case and we were able to comb through her case and find several weaknesses in what appeared to be a very strong case against this defendant.

On the day of her trial, following pretrial motions and several meetings with the State’s Attorney, we were able to walk our client out of court that day with no conviction and unsupervised probation, a Herculean result in Howard County. If you have a DUI in Howard County Maryland and need experienced and aggressive counsel to protect you and your family, give us a call, anytime, we’ll be glad to discuss your case at no charge.