Drunk Driving Maryland

As if avoiding a Maryland Drunk Driving charge was not hard enough, it seems I’m hearing more about nefarious police tactics- from the police themselves and a prosecutor charged with DUI in Howard County whom I recently vindicated. That is, if you catch an officer’s eye and he wants to pull you over and can’t find one of many reasons from his handy DUI playbook, ie. you weren’t speeding, swerving, riding the fog line, crossing the yellow line, littering, your tag light was not burnt out thus couldn’t be seen from three miles away in the rear view mirror, etc., the latest mechanism is for him to ride your bumper. Yes, that’s right! Your driving along at night, minding your own business, admiring Howard County’s splendor or Anne Arundel County’s many wonderful attractions or even Baltimore County on a slow night, when you notice headlights right on your tail, you notice them get closer and closer so you speed up, maybe change lanes without a blinker then speed up, wham! Your done like bug in spider’s web.

What just happened is that the officer could not find a lawful reason to pull you over so certain officers (not all) will take it upon themselves to push you, to push your tail until you speed up and break the law. You speed up over the limit and he has a lawful basis to stop you. You then plead with the officer that he was riding your bumper, but he chuckles while he asks you “How much have you had to drink tonight because I think your driving drunk?

The funny thing is that “certain officers” have done this little maneuver to other police officers and pulled them over. Sometimes they are released, sometimes not. Sometimes the DUI charges may be dropped, sometimes not. Either way, this is a nefarious little DUI detection maneuver that you should be aware of.

The solution to the problem is two fold: First for the MADD among us, don’t drink and drive then you don’t have to worry about these DUI detection games. Second, if some jerk is riding your tail, don’t speed up! Either stay right where you are and let the jerk get frustrated and go around you, or put your blinker on and carefully change lanes, preferably to a slower travel lane, then maintain a constant and safe speed. If the jerk still won’t get off your rear end, call 911 and report the idiot. If it turns out it is a police officer pushing you, you will get a good chuckle out of that one and hopefully, not get arrested in the process.