February 28, 2011

The height of MADD hypocrisy- unreal!

Absolutely Unreal!

A former MADD chapter president was arrested on serious DUI charges in Florida on February 18, 2011. In some ways this is hard to believe but in others, it's not hard at all. The details of the arrest are here.
The thing about these self righteous, self glorified MADD folks is they think they walk on water. They believe they are somehow different then every other living person on this planet. Well here is a news flash, you are not different then the rest of us. You are human, you make mistakes and hopefully you try to rectify your mistakes like other humans and if you are lucky, maybe you won't be judged like you go around judging others every day.
You see when DUI lawyers are in court, it is our job to help defendants come to terms with the mistakes they have made regarding drinking and driving. The overwhelming majority of the folks are good people, with good jobs and good family life. Most are first time offenders. However, when we go to court to help these good people, many time we are met with judgmental members of MADD sitting in the court room, judging these folks as being bad people. MADD folks are in court trying to make defendants feel bad and trying to apply pressure to the real judge in the room in order to provoke a bad outcome for the defendant.
As a result of ongoing MADD presence and endless MADD diatribe in the news, DUI defendants, victims of an ambiguous legal system, can get a bad rap. Fortunately, many judges see this MADD CRAP and do the right thing despite their bullshit. Unfortunately, there are some judges and even some prosecutors that this lawyer deals with have lost their way and judge people way to harshly, essentially throwing rocks when they themselves live in glass houses. I was surprised to hear from my law enforcement friends that in some of the harshest jurisdictions in Maryland, the same judges that will not hesitate to screw a DUI defendant as hard as possible are the same judges that receive a ride home from law enforcement when they are stopped for drinking and driving. But I digress. . .
The point of this article is that it is not hard to believe that Debra Oberlin, a former president of MADD was arrested for DUI because she is human and humans do in fact make mistakes, get over MADD, find something else to do with your time other then harass good people!

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